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Pneumatic tool maintenance and maintenance

"Safety norms"

(1) using pneumatic tools, please read this manual, only after fully understand the content, just can use pneumatic tools in the workplace, and strict enforcement of its contents.


Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure when using the tool BAR (100 psi / 7.0/7.0 kg/cm2) often makes pneumatic tools in more than work under the environment of operation pressure, will greatly reduce the service life of the tool itself.

(2) replacing tools or fittings please pneumatic tools from air source will be removed.

(3) the operation as far as possible put on goggles. Earplugs. Masks to protect their own safety.

(4) operation do not wear loose clothing. Scarf. Tie or bracelet, to avoid being involved in danger caused by moving or rotating parts.

(5) in pneumatic tools with high pressure air supply connection, not when using, do not press the trigger.

(6) to ensure that the spare parts status at any time, loose parts can cause serious danger.

(7) to replace the worn parts, please use the special parts.

(8) do not use air compressor pipe damage or impact.

(9) don't tool to themselves or others.

(10) before use, to check whether there is a weak or damaged air pressure tube, if discover the above situation, please update immediately, in order to maintain security.

(11) all locking nut, screw, and make sure all the equipment in a safe state.

Moderate lubrication is a tool the responsibility of the user. There will be water condensation in the compressed air, easy to cause corrosion without appropriate lubrication can greatly shorten the service life of pneumatic tools.

【 note 】

Pneumatic tools must be lubricated before, during, and after use.

Lubrication - air motor parts

Air motor daily lubrication, but not too much.


Lubrication before please unplug tool since the high air sources.

(1) the tool since high unplug.

(2) press down the trigger at the same time from into QiTou add 3 ~ 5 c. c pneumatic tools for oil. The tools in high-pressure air source and on the vent cover cloth or towel. Start the tool, is to reverse the 20 ~ 30 seconds, when the high pressure gas when operation is connected, lubricating oil will be discharge from the back hole.

Impact frame part set of lubrication (butter)

Impact rack set for every week lubrication maintenance.

(1) the tool from air line.

(2) the remoal of screws on the front cover (or loosen the top cover) directly in the front cover and wash impact on group remaining butter.

(3) on the shock frame group daub is on the right amount of butter, then lock to cover.

(4) take over pressure tube, gently trigger idling 20 ~ 30 seconds for butter lubrication impact the entire unit.

Matters needing attention

Don't hurt more than (1) when disassembling need repair or replacement of parts.

(2) please be careful to avoid when disassembling tool or damaged parts.

(3) remove when there shall be no impurities to enter.

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